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2 min readOct 17, 2021


Our September challenge achieved a total of 54120 minutes (yay) and just in time here is a wonderful reflection about finishing 10 months therapy with a 10 km run by Cleo O.-S.


After 10 month therapy, running 10k’s on October 10th seemed like a crazy idea. Few days after finishing my fourth therapy.

I would not have thought to be able to make it, but I had the greatest motivation running right next to me and making me feel comfortable and powerful: my sister. She did not only run next to me, she was doing it during the last 10 month continuously every single day.

She was the one asking immediately what I needed and made sure that I would remain focused and clear in reaching my aims. And she motivated not only me but many many others as well. Either via 1millionhoursoutdoors or via friends and family.

That day was a great success.

Running these 10ks marked also the end of 10 month therapy. While we both were running together, friends and family were cheering at us — either personally while standing in Berlin and applauding us or via messages from all over.

They all were giving us the space and energy we needed to make it. Most of all my sister’s family and my hubby. Her husband encouraged us to have time together and took care of the two Rockstars. My husband was together with our friends waiting to wave and scream at us to keep us running. An amazing feeling. Our gratitude goes out to them.

Again it is not easy to find the right words to express how it feels and what it does mean after all these months… It is an amazing energy that is being created and I feel encouraged to move on and create a new way of life to continue being focused on mental and physical health to add one month to the other and one year to the other to avoid that my illness will come back. I started a new chapter on October 10th by running this 10k. And my sister and family and friends and @1millionhoursoutdoors community were the biggest inspiration to me.

Thank you!

📝 Cleo O.-S.

Her story reminded us of the starfish story by Loren Eiseley.

And we have some new ideas and inspirations on how we like to motivate and support others to spend more time outdoors. Stay tuned.



A & S (1millionhoursoutdoors)

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