22 things to do outdoors on TwosDay 22–2–22

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3 min readFeb 18, 2022


Twosday, or 22 February 2022, is a once in a lifetime event calling for a special challenge.

The perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors combined with something that involves 22. Here are 22 ideas:

Relaxing and meditating:

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
  1. Go for a 22 minute stroll
  2. Touch or hug 22 trees
  3. 22min listening to sounds of nature
  4. Listen to a podcast on your outdoor walk
  5. Listen to a nature course on the awe app


Photo by Coen van de Broek on Unsplash
  1. Run for 22km
  2. Cycle 22 kms
  3. Hike or climb 2 hills in 2 hours
  4. Run with exactly 22m elevation gain
  5. 22min of Stomping

With Children:

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
  1. Collect 22 leaves
  2. Pick 22 wild flowers
  3. Jump 22 waves
  4. Find 22 spots of Jack Frost
  5. Take 22 pictures
  6. Collect 22 stones
  7. Do a number hunt or count 22 doors
  8. Find doors with the number 2 or 22

With someone else:

Photo by Sebastian Pichler on Unsplash
  1. Call or leave a message to say hi to 2 friends
  2. Wave and smile at 2 or more people
  3. Have a Walk & Talk with 1 or 2 other people
  4. ADD YOUR OWN — choose something which relates to 22 which can motivate you or others to go outside.

22–2–22 will be a once in a lifetime event — let’s make it one to remember.

How you can take part:

  1. Via Strava — join our Strava Club or the 22–2–22 event.


2. Sign up for a 5k Earthrun and let them plant 22 trees for you as a reward.


3. Via Instagram by sharing your 22 outdoor thing to do with a post or stories #TwosDayOutdoors which you can also share with 2 people to motivate them.

We love to support a cause that deserves awareness. You can raise awareness for an organisation that is important to you by donating 22 units of gratitude. For example 22 euros for a good cause or charity. Choose what you feel fits or just do it for yourself.

Ours will be Earthruns who have created a special challenge to plant 22 trees per person if you complete 5km outdoors by running, walking or strolling. We hope to be able to multiply the 22 trees as many times as possible to support the good things they do.

Why are we doing this?

We are not commercial and there is nothing more to it than to encourage others to spend time outdoors and get the benefits of nature. If you are keen to know more about us have a look in the bio or send us a message.

Help spread the word for #TwosDayOutdoors and let’s celebrate 22–2–22 together outdoors.

What will be your 22?



A & S (1millionhoursoutdoors)

We are friends who started an initiative with the goal to collect 1million hours and motivate people around us to spend time outside every single day.