How do you support someone during a difficult time from a different country?

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2 min readNov 4, 2021


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After 10 months we have been able to celebrate the end of a personal chapter to make space to start the next one and concentrate on what’s important for us. The experience reminded us of the starfish story by Loren Eiseley.

Which is why we are planning to change the way we like to motivate and support others to spend more time outdoors.

Here is how it works:

  1. Every month we will share one or more 1minute video(s) of a person with an inspirational story
  2. The total viewers of the 1 minute video will be added to our monthly 1 million tracker

By sharing their story by video we like to shine a light to that person and help promote his/her inspirational story. Be it a hike, a climb, a run or something completely different — the main thing it should motivate people to be outdoors.

Why? Because every person that is going through a difficult time needs someone to be there on your side. This can be family or a friend, someone very close or far away to cheer them on. It’s those cheerleaders that motivate us to do things that we never thought would be possible.

I still remember the day when I got the phone call from my sister telling me that she has been diagnosed. I was with my children when I saw her name on my phone and I instinctively went to my husband to ask him to be with the children whilst I am trying to find a quiet place for the call.

The weeks and months after that were hard. Hard to manage emotions on a daily basis and trying to find ways to be supportive and show her that I am there for her from a distance in a year when no-one was allowed to travel from one country to another.

  • We started researching how to boost our immune system and get the right amount of vitamin D.
  • We interviewed people to find out what motivates them to be outdoors.
  • We created weekly and monthly challenges to count our outdoor hours.
  • We received and shared ideas on how to spend time outside.
  • We came to know about wonderful charities and organisations with a good cause and passion.
  • We saw inspirational people and their stories who we love to support.

If everyone would pledge just 1 minute by watching the video of someone inspirational we could make a difference to that someone and create a ripple effect of positivity for others.

So the question is, who inspired you most recently?



A & S (1millionhoursoutdoors)

We are friends who started an initiative with the goal to collect 1million hours and motivate people around us to spend time outside every single day.