It’s pumpkin hour and I was never really a pumpkin fan

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3 min readOct 3, 2021


And frankly I was never a halloween person either but after a few years living in the UK it started to grow on me and it’s one of the things that make me looking forward to this month.

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash

Action for Happiness has called this month Optimistic October and we love their calendar of small ideas to spark positive thinking every day.

And this month we are very lucky and grateful again that our wonderful friend Katrina took the time to write a monthly update with ideas. Enjoy reading it.


Dear friends,

Now summer is over and there is space to let routine back into our lives, we thought it was high time we got back in touch to see how you all are.

October still affords those of us in the northern hemisphere plenty of time to be outdoors, and with that in mind we have been looking for a new challenge to provide a focus for our outdoor hours.

This weekend the postponed London marathon took place and Andrea and Susa will be taking on their own personal challenge with the S25 10K run in Berlin.

Perhaps you also have a run or challenge ahead of you? There are wonderful organisations and charities to join this month. We have seen several amazing options but I am particularly taken with the Parkinson’s UK Brainbox Challenge, which rewards every 2 miles walked with a cryptic puzzle to solve. I like the idea of exercising my mind and body through the same endeavour, but you might have your own ideas or goals.

At the end of August we jointly logged 1792 outdoor hours, which was our highest monthly total to date. And the new Outstanding-October-Outdoors is live for everyone to join — either via Strava or by sharing your time via the tracker at the end of the month.

I wonder if the encroaching autumn will send us scuttling back inside or some of us can sometimes push ourselves to enjoy the outdoor world in all its guises. Please submit your monthly outdoor hours for September here.

Finally, we continue to be surprised by who considers himself to be a sunrise person, who only sees the sunsets and who has managed to make a switch! Feel free to share your sunrise/sunset stories with us, in words or in pictures via Instagram or email. We love seeing them.

Have a great month,

Warmest wishes

Karina, Susa and Andrea


PS: also a quick reminder — from October until early March the NHS recommends to increase Vitamin D via food and with supplements as our bodies cannot get enough from sun exposure directly.

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