22–2–22 Twosday Outdoors

A & S (1millionhoursoutdoors)
1 min readFeb 10, 2022


Photo by Muaz AJ on Unsplash

Twosday, or 22 February 2022, is a once in a lifetime date calling for a special challenge.

It provides a perfect opportunity to explore the outdoors combined with 22 moments, such as:

  • Spend 22 minutes outdoors
  • Walk, run or cycle for 22 kms
  • Touch or hug 22 trees
  • Collect 22 leaves
  • Pick 22 wild flowers
  • Jump 22 waves

Alternatively, choose something which relates to 22 which can motivate you and others to go outside.

With no other opportunity to celebrate such a captivating date, let’s make it one to remember.

How you can take part:

  1. Via Strava: join the challenge, club or event and share your pic and activity on the day.
  2. Via Instagram by sharing your 22 idea with a post or story #TwosDayOutdoors and you might want to share it with 2 more friends

Why are we doing this?

To motivate people to spend more time outdoors because it’s good for you and your mental health. If you are keen to know more about us and what motivates us — read here.

What will be your 22?

We love to see your ideas.



A & S (1millionhoursoutdoors)

We are friends who started an initiative with the goal to collect 1million hours and motivate people around us to spend time outside every single day.